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Meandering Softly

Some days as I sit, I feel as though I am the observer of a silent film.  The images meandering through my mind are vivid and colorful, but the only sound I keep returning to is the soft whisper of my breath.  It is quite amazing that even as my mind carries on its own story, the simple sound and movement of my breath can still soothe and calm me.  The breath has this strong, yet subtle power.  It allows even the most provoking of images to soften in its impact.  And in this way my experience in life softens.

This is what I hope to find more and more as I practice this kind of mindfulness.  I hope to find the ability to soften in my views, my judgements, my criticisms, my interactions.  To be able to find that gray area that I believe most of life resides in.  The more I practice, the more I realize that things aren’t as black and white as we might initially think.  We are all part of this ebb and flow in life, where some moments draw us into our strengths and others our weaknesses.  Neither defines us as weak or strong, but only as human.  I hope that in my journey, I can travel along this very human path as I allow even the faintest whisper of my breath to always guide me back to my home.

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