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My Moving Meditation

Thankfully, I have been continuing my morning meditation practice.  Often rather than stillness, my body holds a space for a fluctuating mind.  Even so, I find that the more I sit, the more I seem to be able to slow down in my life and the less I seem to get agitated by the small things.  There seems to be this Matrix-like effect, where life slows down enough for me to (sometimes) catch myself before I react out of simple habit.  At the same time, the more I sit, the more I am aware of myself and my surroundings, and I find that I can be more affected by life.  My mind allows me to let go of the things that don’t have as much significance, while my heart opens into experience more deeply.  Both experiences that bring joy and those that draw me into my vulnerabilities.  And within those moments, my breath serves as a refuge to draw me back to the present moment.  A place where I can find clarity while remaining open.  Ultimately, I come to my practice to experience the movement of my mind, as much as I come to surprisingly fall upon moments of quiet stillness.  And within both places, I simply sit and observe.

“Meditation occurs when the powers of the intellect blend harmoniously with the powers of the heart.”

  ~Diego del Sol

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