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Move Through to Move Beyond

In life its natural to seek out comfort.  We all generally want to be surrounded by the things, the people and the environment that put us at ease.  And we even try to veer away from situations and circumstances where we feel discomfort or where we are faced with emotions that are hard to confront.  I, for the longest time, had an immense fear of public speaking.  I imagined everyone to be judging my thoughts and my demeanor, and so I did everything in my power to avoid speaking in public.  And of course, the more I avoided it, the more I found myself exactly in those situations.  Not surprisingly, it was only as I began my journey in yoga, both as a teacher and as a student, that I found the courage to embrace this fear wholeheartedly.

It is human nature to not want to embrace the things that make us feel vulnerable, but it is the essence of human experience to open to those moments because that is where we really begin to know ourselves.  Instead of expending energy to get through life trying to avoid what might be difficult or arduous, perhaps we simply find a way to surrender and accept those moments as part of our path and our teacher.  Though at times clouded by experience and emotion, each of our hearts holds a peaceful core.  The only way to unveil it, is to move through the experience, to move beyond it and right back to the center of your being, your heart.

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  1. very insightful post! for me, it was easy to do this with the i directly dealt with the weak(“vulnerable”) areas in exercising, I knew I wouldn’t get stronger, more flexible, etc. however, I didn’t necc. make the connection how the same applies to the non-physical. or maybe I just didn’t want to. 🙂

    November 12, 2010

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